Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center

39 years ago, in the town of Bethel, NY, one of the greatest events in music history took place. It was called Woodstock. Many of the bands showcased in this festival were turned into superstars overnight, and are among the ranks of staple classic rockers.

Fast forward 37 years, walk over the hill, and you have this:

A top notch performing arts center, located behind the field where it all went down. Consider this as an introductory post. In the future I will promote their shows and feature mp3s/pics. For now, I'll leave you with the 4 minute song that captured the spirit of the 4 day event.


Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young - Woodstock | zshare

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Sound Providers

I wanted to show our readers another side of Antler Darts; Hip-Hop. For Mike and I, it's hard not to love a fresh beat paired up with a talented MC.

Now that I have your attention, I want to briefly depict the difference between hip-hop and rap, which is easily confused. Simply put, hip-hop music is where an MC (mic controller) creates lyrics on the spot, that are fueled by the energy of the records the DJ (turntablist) is spinning. The MC's job is to get the crowd into the music and to make sure they have a good time. Rap, is just an MC and his lyrics, and doesn't require a DJ.

With that said, I want to push a couple tracks your way. I have tons of great hip-hop, but an artist I've been listening to a lot lately is The Sound Providers. Hailing from San Diego, these guys deliver jazz samples in a way you have never heard them before. The following tunes are off of their 2004 debut CD, "An Evening With The Sound Providers."

So relax, light a cigar, nod your head to the beat, and have a weekend.

The Sound Providers - 5 Minutes Feat. Procussions | zshare
The Sound Providers - Autumns Evening Breeze (Instrumental) | zshare

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sounds of the Spheres

The genre of ambiance (originally pioneered by the ever-evolving Brian Eno nearly thirty years ago) has been flying under the radar since its conception. Ideally speaking, ambient music should induce a relaxed state of vertigo. Wordless, the songs bend and twist ever so slowly, building upon light motifs and stretched bars of what initially seems like nothingness.

In a nutshell, ambiance sounds like the soundtrack to a babbling brook.

One evening I fell asleep listening to Stars of the Lid (more on them below) and dreamt I was hallucinating on the surface of Saturn's moon, Titan.

The Austin-based band Stars of the Lid is this entry's main dish...A band that has just about perfected this relatively small genre, infusing their own organic feel to what Eno started with when he recorded albums such as "Ambient Music For Airports" (which sounds precisely what the name implies).

Stars of the Lid (just about fifteen years old) went about infusing ambient music with a pure, ephemeral sound, giving the listener a dizzying and weightless (albeit pleasant) feeling.

For those searching for something a bit off the beaten path, Stars of the Lid just might provide you with the proper tranquility in an increasingly deafening industry.


- MD

Stars of the Lid's MySpace

Father's Day with Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash, the king of everything bad-ass, tells the story of how a father taught his son to be tough. The boy described in "A Boy Named Sue" faces many troubles because of the feminine name his father gave him. The lesson learned from this song is well worth the listen. It may not be practical, but it is an amusing story nonetheless.

Happy Father's Day.

Download: Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue | youtube

Monday, June 9, 2008

Grandmaster Flash, Treasure Fingers, and Klever, at Webster Hall

That's right kids, it's going down on Saturday, June 14th. Doors at 11, show at midnight. For $12 a head, how can you resist? Get your tickets in advance here.

The Barbados born crowd mover, Grandmaster Flash, really shook things up last time I saw him at the GBH 10 year anniversary bash:

Atlanta based Treasure Fingers will be sure to throw down his signature 80's synth-funk influenced dance tracks which will set the boogie inside of you free. With Klever unleashing his solid electro bangers, this is a show you don't want to miss.


Grandmaster Flash - The Message
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor
The Carps - Let's Fall In Love (Klever Remix)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome, friends!

As my wonderful colleague mentioned in his introduction, welcome to Antler Darts!

While we'll definitely be providing you with eclectic music from all sorts of places and origins, we'll also be providing a running commentary on the music industry itself. Concert previews/reviews, editorials, and (of course) music recommendations.

I'll start by posting a track from Animal Collective's People EP, entitled "Tikwid." The Baltimore-based psychedelic folk group seems to expand their sound with every subsequent release. What started as sporadic, seemingly unpredictable noise music has developed into a melodic, amplified (but still wild) sound that reaches far beyond most people's expectations of traditional pop music.

But more on them later.

Enjoy, and have a weekend.

- MD


Animal Collective - "Tikwid" (From People EP)


Welcome to our music-based playground we like to call antlerdarts. We specialize in writing about music. Coincidentally, you specialize in listening to it. Isn't it funny how things work out?

I'm gunna kick things off with "Le Voyage De Penelope" by Air, off of their debut cd Moon Safari. They are a down-tempo electronica band from France. I even decided to hook you up with lyrics.

Have a weekend.

Download: Air - Le Voyage De Penelope

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