Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome, friends!

As my wonderful colleague mentioned in his introduction, welcome to Antler Darts!

While we'll definitely be providing you with eclectic music from all sorts of places and origins, we'll also be providing a running commentary on the music industry itself. Concert previews/reviews, editorials, and (of course) music recommendations.

I'll start by posting a track from Animal Collective's People EP, entitled "Tikwid." The Baltimore-based psychedelic folk group seems to expand their sound with every subsequent release. What started as sporadic, seemingly unpredictable noise music has developed into a melodic, amplified (but still wild) sound that reaches far beyond most people's expectations of traditional pop music.

But more on them later.

Enjoy, and have a weekend.

- MD


Animal Collective - "Tikwid" (From People EP)

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