Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Subterranean - Vol.1

Every now and then, new music worthy of praise and admiration slips below your radar. Get back on track with The Subterranean.

This Week:
- "Kids Aflame"

Todd Goldstein is the kind of artist to take an established blues ballad called “Jon the Revelator” and use it – gospel roots and all – as inspiration for an optimistictrack entitled “Jon the Escalator.” The song’s opening lines are about as gleefully tongue-in-cheek as one would expect after noting the title: “Jonathan, you’re turning into stairs again / You’re giving free rides to your friends …” That’s Goldstein’s solo debut — Kids Aflame — in a nutshell: bizarre, but never too reliant on its charm that it neglects the emotional aspects of acute, observational song writing. [For more, check out my article at The Beacon]

Download: Arms - Kids Aflame (via RCRD LBL.com)

Originally written for Emerson College's newspaper, The Berkeley Beacon. Michael Desjardin is the Assistant Editor of the Arts & Entertainment section at the Beacon.


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