Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exclusive Album Download: SCA's "Oh Word?!" EP

...and when God said, "Let there be Rock" three young men from Port Chester, New York, came forwards wielding their instruments. These three gents, Dan, Mike, and Jake, make up the hardcore/punk trio known as Second Chance Attitude. The dudes were nice enough to hook us up with an exclusive release of their first EP, "Oh Word?!"

It is fully loaded with 7 tracks of scream-and-shout, punch your neighbor's cat, mosh pit anthems. Not the perfect CD for the family road trip, but it is sure to set the tone for the fight club in your garage. It's not all guts and glory though, with tracks such as "Where Do We Go From Here", the band pours out their emotions as they try to figure out the mysteries of relationships. So don't let the rage-filled music confuse you, these guys have hearts of gold.

Putting the star on top of the christmas tree is a cover of "Fight For Your Right." It pays true homage to the roots of the Beastie Boys, and does it in a way rock and hip-hop fans alike can appreciate.

Download entire EP as a rar: Second Chance Attitude - Oh Word?! EP (22.3mb)

1. Not For Me (ysi) | (zshare)
2. Too Late (ysi) | (zshare)
3. Where Do We Go From Here (ysi) | (zshare)
4. Better Things (ysi) | (zshare)
5. Line-O-Death (ysi) | (zshare)
6. Step Back (ysi) | (zshare)
7. Fight For Your Right (Beastie Boys cover) (ysi) | (zshare)


JoeBlow said...

some good old fashion punk hardcore music to listen to with your friends

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