Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jonathan Richman Instrumentals

You might know Jonathan Richman as the lyrical powerhouse and front-man of The Modern Lovers. Most people haven't heard his solo work, or better yet, his instrumentals.

Photo: waltzcore

I've wrangled up three of his finest tracks without lyrics, for your listening pleasure. We also threw in a Basement Jaxx bit that samples Richman's "Egyptian Reggae," turning his acoustic guitar riffs into a quirky dance track.


Jonathan Richman - Egyptian Reggae | (zshare)

Basement Jaxx - Mere Pass (samples Egyptian Reggae) | (zshare)

Jonathan Richman - The Sweeping Wind | (zshare)

Jonathan Richman - South American Folksong | (zshare)


Anonymous said...

oh man.... I have been looking for the 'South American Folk Song' for ages... ages. I have anohter version of it off '¡Jonathan, te vas a emocionar!' - but this version is the one I was looking for. My father used to have it on vinyl, and I just loved how raw and weird it was.

Again. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I just put this together yesterday. I had Egyptian Reggae in my head and then suddenly realized why I like Mere Pass sOOO much. What does JR think of this?

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