Friday, March 20, 2009

Church - King Crow

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Church is a three-man band that makes folk-influenced pop music. This ear-friendly trio was formed in 2007, and is signed to Sohitek records. You can also catch them live, as they are currently touring the US.

From their second release, Gold, we have a track titled "King Crow." The tune is carried on by the lead singer's lush and dreary vocals, laced over strums of acoustic guitar. Offsetting this delicately-woven track is a thunderous kick-drum and a raw electronic buzz. This is the kind of music you want to listen to on a rainy day with a comforting cup of coffee, as you gaze out the window at the grey clouds. It's a soft track, with a charming and loose delivery.

Download: Church - King Crow


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