Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Night Fever 13

Now that you've shoveled all of that fresh snow, here is some dance music to fire you up.

I'm throwing two deep house dishes in your direction, one from mix-master p8, and another from trance-titan Niklas.

"Nadir" by p8 is a simple yet effective track. No complex melodies or harmonies, in fact, it is the same not played over and over. This may sound dull, but he compensates with tons of gooey fx builds. Its like swimming in an ocean of reverb. "Cocoon" is a tad different, heard by Niklas' thick pads and snare-driven drops. This track is similar to the first by using space-like ambiance.


p8 - Nadir | (zshare)

Niklas - Cocoon | (zshare)


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