Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Show Review: Matisyahu @ Webster Hall

Last night we watched Matisyahu dubbify Webster Hall.

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This was my fourth time seeing him live, and surprisingly his set list hasn't changed much since 2005. He covered all of his crowd-pleasers, including: "Warrior," "Close My Eyes," "Aish Tamid," "Father in the Forest," and "Jerusalem" amongst others. To promote his new EP, Shattered, they played "Smash Lies" and "I Will Be Light." He also broke things down with a solo beat-box routine which was highly anticipated and well received by the audience. When the concert seemed to be over, fans chanted his name until the band came back and performed "King Without a Crown."

Overall, it was an energetic and lively performance. He even replaced Webster's famous disco ball with a disco dreidel.

Matisyahu is known for his performances, and we have two unreleased live tracks to share. "Thunder" is from his upcoming cd, Light, which he said will be released in March of 2009. The second, "Morning Dew," is originally by Bonnie Dobson, and has been performed by many artists. Matisyahu tells the audience that his first concert was the Grateful Dead, and he plays their version of the song. I also threw in Jeff Beck's version so you can compare the two.


Matisyahu - Thunder (Live at the Orpheum Theater 10/29/08) | (zshare)

Matisyahu - Morning Dew (Grateful Dead cover) [Live at Langerado Music Festival 3/8/08] | (zshare)

Jeff Beck - Morning Dew | (zshare)


Leroy123 said...

Thanks for the link ! I was looking all over for this song. I love it !

Leroy123 said...

Thunder, I mean.

Comedy Genius said...

Great Blog and Loving the giant disco ball.
See more on Matisyahu at

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