Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deltron 3030 - Deltron Event II?

Futuristic hip-hop group Deltron 3030 is the side project of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and DJ Kid Koala.

Hands down, Deltron 3030's debut cd 3030 is one of our all-time faves. The album describes life in post-apocalyptic earth, in the year 3030. Del's insightful rhymes provide plenty of food for thought while painting a picture of a dark and distraught future. The beats crafted by masterminds Dan the Automator and Kid Koala will simply blow your mind.

Over the past several years, rumors have been spread of Deltron 3030's return. This album has been named Deltron Event II. Del confirmed that all of the instrumentals are completed, and that he has written six songs. We hope this record drops in the near future.

Today's remix comes from a set of bonus tracks that were released last year. The turntable licks are intense, and sound like GLaDOS's death at the end of Portal.

Download: Deltron 3030 - Turbulence (Mark Bell Remix)


William said...

any news on Event II?

Anonymous said...

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