Thursday, February 12, 2009

Download The Hush Now's Self Titled CD for FREE!

Back in October we wrote about The Hush Now, a shoegazy-rock band from Boston. They are back, making bigger moves than ever.

These brave souls have decided to release their entire album to the public, for free. We think it is smart move. They simply want people to listen to their music (which is really good, btw) and we think that is awesome.

If you want the entire thing as a .zip, head over to their press page.


1. The Hush Now - The Man From Galway
2. The Hush Now - Bedtime Stories
3. The Hush Now - Vancouver
4. The Hush Now - Sadie Hawkins Dance
5. The Hush Now - Pining
6. The Hush Now - Ashes
7. The Hush Now - Subtle Like Bombs
8. The Hush Now - Traditions
9. The Hush Now - Roleplay
10. The Hush Now - Landlord and the Tenant
11. The Hush Now - Hiding in Corners

p.s. Lemonade is also giving their remix album away for free on RCRD LBL.


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